Floors above
your expectations

Our high-performance epoxy and urethane flooring systems are engineered for the most demanding commercial and industrial environments. Did we mention they also look amazing?

polymer flooring systems

Meticulously engineered to be tough as nails and to withstand the abusive wear and tear, abrasions, significant impacts, heavy loads, and harsh chemicals found in the industrial and manufacturing environments.

Durable & easy-to-maintain
flooring solutions

Artex floors are the perfect flooring solution to complete your next commercial, industrial, institutional, construction project no matter what technical specifications or design necessities are required.

Our Clients

Electronics manufacturers, pharmaceutical firms and food companies appreciate Artex floors because they are hard, sealed and sanitary, with none of the fissures, cracks or crevices that can trap containments or bacteria.

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design & Instalation

Artex completes every project with a skillful blend of professional service, state-of-the-art technology, and true craftsmanship.


Artex offers a variety of cementious polymer modified underlayments and repair mortars. Systems range from rigid to flexible trowel applications.

Floor Systems

Artex installs seamless floor and wall systems designed to meet your specific needs. Meeting demanding requirements from Industrial floors for manufacturing plants to sanitary floors for food processing and medical facilities.


Artex installs coatings designed to provide cost effective flooring alternatives. Solutions for dust control, easy maintenance, skid/slip resistance as well as decorative and durability requirements.

Your Flooring Solutions

Finding the perfect flooring solution is what we do best. From eye-catching lobbies to impeccably safe work environments, we have a flooring option that will meet all of your budget and performance needs and exceed your expectations.

Turn-Key Solutions

From simple coatings and waterproofing to intricate decorative designs, we have cost-effective flooring solutions that can be installed quickly and effectively with little down time for your business operations.

Speciality Flooring

At Artex, we offer a complete line of polymer flooring solutions to solve even the toughest chemical corrosion problems and meet the most demanding requirements for static control and non-sparking properties.

Contractor Services

We offer a full range of professional and contractor services including a variety of polymer-modified underlayments, floor pitching, and surface preparations as well as concrete restoration, staining, and polishing.

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